Lady Gaga's biggest fans share their raw emotions about coming out, bullying, thoughts of suicide, and the need for acceptance, in this inspirational new book. Quotes and letters are accompanied by stunning Little Monster portraits that invite you into the soul. This beautiful, thought provoking and often humorous book is geared to LGBTQ youth, teens yearning to fit in, and fans of pop culture. Lady Gaga's Little Monsters will inspire you to change the world.


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"Once in a while you read a book and it changes you. You can’t ‘un-know’ what you have read and experienced. That’s what this book was for me. Yes, we are lonely, scared, and sometimes vulnerable. We are also brave, courageous, passionate, and worthy of connection. This book is a call to action. Heal This Way asks us to take to the streets with our wonderful, imperfect, messy, wild lives and be seen."


– Diane Murray-Fleck, MSW, CPC, TurningPoint Strategy

A note from the author

"For everyone that helped in making this book the ones that are recognized in the book and the ones that aren't. Thank you! This is a book for anyone that has every felt they don't belong either their whole life or for a minute. These aren't actors, these are real people, living a real life!"


– Gonzalo G. Sanchez Jr.

Anyone who has ever faced adversity will be able to identify with the stories of strength within. A fantastic compilation of stories of true heroes. This book can teach us all a few lessons in life on what it means to be yourself and to stand up against the fear of doing so."


- Matt Erbstein



It's not a book, It's a call to action.

Beautiful and moving

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In the winter of 2013, Lady Gaga had to cancel the remainder of her concert tour due to a debilitating hip injury. On the weekend that was to be the Born This Way Ball at Madison Square Garden, Little Monsters from around the world gathered in New York City to celebrate their love and devotion to Lady Gaga, and the community she has given them. Knowing how anxious they were to let Mother Monster know they loved her no matter what, I had an idea. A signup sheet, three tweets, and 100 Little Monsters later, HEAL THIS WAY was born. But what started out as a get well gift for Lady Gaga, took on an energy all its own. This project had a voice, and it needed to be heard. So this new, public version was created. I can't wait for you to hold it in your hands!


I believe in the empowerment of the words and images on these pages. My hope is that you will be empowered by them too!

Artistically Yours, 


It's not a book, It's a call to action.

This review is from Amazon: Heal This Way - A Love Story 


"This book is about the closets we are all in. Yes, we are all lonely, scared, and sometimes vulnerable. We are also brave, courageous, passionate, and worthy of connection. Read it for yourself. Read it to a child you love. Purchase it for your school, your library, your local teen shelter. Give the gift of connection and belonging."

Powerful Story for All

This review is from Amazon: Heal This Way - A Love Story 

Katy Ray (Washington, DC) 


"The stories shared here are so inspirational and powerful. Whether you're a huge Gaga fan or a victim of bullying in schools, you will know that you are not alone. As a teacher in the public school system, I would recommend this book to any one of my students!"

You have been healed!

Heal This Way - and spread the love

Not just for Lady Gaga fans

People with voices loud and clear

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"This book is a testament of love and total acceptance and it deserves to be shared with the world!"


- Jen Coleman

"Brilliant, engaging images and real stories that can make us all feel accepted for who we are. A fantastic idea for a book!"


-Mom of Teenagers

A note from a Little Monster in HEAL THIS WAY

Participating in Heal This Way was a very special moment for me, one that I did not even know the full potential of it. Heal This Way isn't a title, it's a legacy; a strive to be a better person and to spread love to the whole world. With so many equality issues become mainstream, now is the time to be on the right side of history. This is beyond just Gaga, beyond just Heal This Way, this is about HUMANITY. The right to love, the right to feel safe being who you are, and the right to know you are important to this world. I celebrate this message everyday; I live to one day have this impact on the world and make it a better place. I celebrate the message of acceptance. We as a generation have the power to change all the negativity in the world, and in this is the first step in doing so. Thank you Tracey for being so strong and believing in us; because of you we have a future that isn't so bleak.

– Ryan F.

"This book is important. Thank you to the brave Little Monsters who shared their stories and themselves and to Tracey B. Wilson for photographing them and putting the book together."


- The Eclectic Bookworm


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"I am so pleased with this purchase. The photographs are stunning and the stories are inspiring. While the photographs are of fans of Lady Gaga, that's inconsequential to the art and message contained in this book. The message I took away from it is that it's all about finding your people rather than sweating what the detractors have to say." via







***HEAL THIS WAY  is rated PG-13 for raw emotional content and liberal use of F-bombs. It's realness is it's power. 

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Powerful Story for All

Beautiful and moving

Not just for Lady Gaga fans


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