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***HEAL THIS WAY  is rated PG-13 for raw emotional content and liberal use of F-bombs. It's realness is it's power. 

For copies personalized by author, please order through Etsy link.

Anyone who has ever faced adversity will be able to identify with the stories of strength within. A fantastic compilation of stories of true heroes. This book can teach us all a few lessons in life on what it means to be yourself and to stand up against the fear of doing so."


- Matt Erbstein




"The stories shared here are so inspirational and powerful.


Whether you're a huge Gaga fan or a victim of bullying in schools, you will know that you are not alone. As a teacher in the public school system, I would recommend this book to any one of my students!" 


 - Katy Ray (Washington, DC) 

#SpreadLove #BeYou #HealThisWay

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